Connect with a global community of creators using Renyoo’s social features!

Renyoo Blog Image-Connect with a global community of creators using Renyoo’s social features!
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We’re enhancing the Renyoo experience with a social feature that lets you plug into a like-minded community. It’s a haven for people who think visually and are looking for inspiration for their creative projects. Renyoo now lets you share your collections and projects and get feedback from a global user base.

How do I get started?

Log in to your Renyoo account and scroll through your newsfeed, simply follow the profiles who are sharing content that you’d be interested to follow. Alternatively, simply search for the kind of projects you would be interested in, ‘Data Visualization’, ‘Design Inspiration’, ‘Mobile apps’, ‘Blogging’, ‘Fashion’ and so on. A list curated based on these tags will be populated. Once you follow a sufficient number of users your newsfeed will be customized according to your preferences.

How is it different from other social platforms?

Renyoo’s userbase is a very niche group of designers, photographers, marketers, hobbyists, basically, anyone who dabbles with creative projects either personally or professionally. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping that your target demographic of users lie there, you can filter out irrelevant users using the Renyoo platform.

How do I leverage this feature?

Once you create any form of content on Renyoo for your blog, webpage, or social pages, click share and add the appropriate tags to help users find your content. Once you publish your picture on Renyoo it’s shared for the world to see and shows up on Renyoo’s search feature. So make sure you add the right hashtags each time you make a new post.

How does this help me?

If you’re a photographer, designer, or marketer looking to get relevant feedback from a like-minded user base, Renyoo is a goldmine. It allows you to connect to a niche audience and gain traction with influencers within your community. Think of it like Behance, but instead of just designers, it’s now open to the larger creative community.

Some Do’s and Dont’s

At this early stage, it’s incredibly important to nurture and grow the community and prevent from turning it into a spam board. So follow posts that you’re passionate about and give feedback that adds value, it’s essential that these conversations steer towards productivity rather than spammy self-promotion.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect chance to join a community that you love and build an invaluable organic following. – Join Renyoo today!

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